Collection: ChiChi's Faves (30F/32F)

Can eat fried chicken for a whole week.
All pink everything.

My all time FAVS are

the ARAKS Beau Cotton bra in a 32D 

LA FILLE d'O Fast Girls bra in size 4/Large 

CLO Fortuna Lace Demi Bra in 32DD

& the FLEUR DU MAL Lily Lace Bra in 32F.


I'm smaller around the band and have a bigger bust, so not everything I want will be 100% perfect, which I feel is completely fine!! Especially dealing with weight fluctuation, my bras do not have to be the exact correct fit. As long as you feel supported and good in it, who cares?? FYI: I also always need the matching bottoms, it's just who I am.


We also have these yummy candles, LOHN Organic Coconut and Soy Candle, in the store. I love burning candles and smelly good things. Currently, we have 8 scents! They're based in Toronto, and my favs are Lato (smells like lemon iced tea!!) & Jura (smells super fruity and sweet!!).